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In partnership with the aforementioned credentialing institutions, PIMRI offers a wide range of professional courses that are accredited by the International Accreditation Service® IAS®.
Our Professional programs are also ISO/IEC 17024, ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990:2010 Certified for Educational Standards.

The International Organization for Standardization, which publishes the ISO/IEC standards, is the world’s largest developer of international standards, including those for certifying organizations that confer our credentials.

“The rigor it takes to meet these standards is well known worldwide,” said HRCI CEO Amy S. Dufrane, Ed.D, SPHR, CAE. When a professional earns a globally recognized and respected credential, they assure the public and their employer that their professional expertise has been assessed and determined to meet the latest competencies and that they work in compliance with a given code of conduct. Nothing is more satisfying than this.

All professional programs come with updated preparation programs as a Body of Knowledge in form of tangible course manuals for your continuous reference, and a personalized online account with online practice tests for students to read and practice in preparation for the final exams. Candidates can choose to follow the Self-paced study schedules, or attend a prep course that ends with a proctored online exam. The self-paced study schedules are available in options of 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks, after which, your exam can be scheduled.
A prep course on the other hand is scheduled as a comprehensive condensed intensive course, (5 days), six (6) hours per day, or a spread out programme (6 Saturdays, or 3 weekends – Saturday + Sunday) each sessions for four (4) hours per session.

A list of top practical courses in Leadership and Advanced Management are available for you. Each of these courses has been meticulously designed and packaged with practical hands-on skills for direct application at your workplace. These courses seek to lift your personal, team and organizational leadership and management competences to internationally competitive standards. The use of case studies, interactive and engaging exercises, video referencing, and real-world examples from world-class practices in leadership and management excellence ensures you take away the do-it-yourself toolkit.

Organizations will benefit tremendously when their leaders and managers possess a high degree of the inner competencies gained from these professional courses. Any leader or manager who completes these programs will be better able to understand and relate to the people they work with and access their creative thinking potential to make decisions and solve problems more effectively to attain both individual and organizational transformation.

All our HRM courses that we offer meet the high standards of the HR Certification Institute, which is the premier credentialing organisation for the HR profession. They carry Re-Certification credits issued under the auspices of HRCI®. Each HRM course is carefully designed to fully develop your skills as an effective HR professional, and will help your organisation to achieve its strategic goals effectively and efficiently utilisesing its greatest asset – the human capital.

Our portfolio of Finance and Budgeting training courses cover the most critical aspects of strategic financial management, including finance, budgeting, cost control, accounting, financial modeling, forecasting and reporting. These carefully designed training courses will support you to fully develop your skills as an effective finance professional and will help your organization to achieve its own strategic goals in a cost-effective and financially efficient way.

Several business failures in the 1980’s prompted key stakeholders such as the AICPA, AAA, FEI, IIA and IMA to create the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations in 1985 to examine causes of fraudulent financial reporting.
A complete solution has not been reached to-date despite the very elaborate accounting standards, corporate governance, and accounting reform legislation available such as the SOX.

These training programs provide a broad understanding of the field of Fraud Examination — from what fraud really is, to how it is committed, detected, investigated and deterred. Coverage begins with an explanation of examination algorithms, followed by a detailed examination of the most prevalent fraud schemes used by employees, directors and outside unscrupulous fraudsters. Several uncommon topics such as forensic accounting, forensic auditing, computer forensics, and criminal investigation, ethical hacking and anti-money laundering techniques are deeply and practically taught.

Project Management is growing exponentially. It’s now used in virtually all industries, such as government, non-government, health care, telecom, IT, education and banking. Our project management programs equip participants with skills on how to roll out their projects with the latest methodologies and the use of dynamic approaches to fast-track their projects and to leverage the use of project milestones. Participants are extensively exposed to the planning phase while looking at various types of plans, the essentials of planning, planning cycles, and project components, through to other phases such as initiation, execution, monitoring, evaluation, control and closing, in a manner that delivers challenging objectives on time and on budget.

Our selected Project Management courses are endorsed by the American Academy of Project Management AAPM® and carry Continuous Professional Development/ recertification Credits issued by the AAPM®.

Our portfolio of procurement programs provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures, terminologies, techniques, and tools used in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management. Current practices are examined, providing learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills to operate successfully in various enterprises. The programs are aimed at equipping learners with superior knowledge and skills required to fulfill their roles within the supply chain by solving all existing problems effectively and efficiently.

The range of courses provided has been designed by world-class subject matter experts who understand the real requirements of what is needed in an organization to add value and drive out hidden costs through efficiency.

To upscale to the modern Administrative, Executive or Personal Assistant, one needs to outsmart the trend by developing a thorough understanding of the key goals, objectives, duties, and attributes they probably won’t find in their job descriptions. All administrative and support staff are indispensable strategic partners to their bosses and can make enormous contributions to productivity at all levels of an organization. These courses are designed to turn participants into the best they can be in their careers. Anyone attending these programs will come away with invaluable tips and knowledge that will rebrand them as excellent performers with a superior working culture.

ProAct International is widely respected for our unique consultation methodology that delivers unrivaled results in the various organizational processes. Most organizations perform less than anticipated in their strategic plans. This is because operational inefficiencies have been allowed to slowly take root.
We are here to help organizations optimize the execution of their strategies by inspiring a strong performance culture across the board. We provide innovative, creative and talented human capital solutions to address global challenges so as to attain both individual and institutional success.
We offer comprehensive Human Resource, Finance and Management Consulting that is aimed at superior organizational efficiency. We also offer fraud detection, prevention, investigation and litigation support, forensic audit, corporate due diligence, computer forensics and criminal investigations, systems security and network defense as well as reliable candidate and employee background checks in line with BS7858 the world over.
Our technical team will work with you to carry out a comprehensive gap analysis and draw the right action plans for you to achieve sustainable strategic performance. Our consultation methodology has gained wide acceptance for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Email us at info@proactint.com with the specifics of the challenge you or your organization have encountered, and let us devise a suitable solution. Our consultation methodology has gained wide acceptance for its effectiveness and simplicity. Rest assured, we will persist until your problem has been resolved.

All training programs can be offered in-house.