Skills Enhancement and Professional/ Chartered courses.

ProAct International is the name of a brand for unrivaled consultation and learning services all over the world. We supercharge employee performance through skills enhancement programs, open and bespoke corporate trainings and capacity building programs, professional charters and certifications for various professions worldwide.

We offer a wide range of end-to-end remarkably skilling training courses that are designed to enhance your skills and supercharge your performance in various fields. Our trainings always benchmark international standards with a guarantee for the best learning experiences

Consultation services

Most organizations perform less than anticipated in their strategic plan because they did not set realistic and effort demanding targets, and did not measure performance in specific terms.

Our technical team will work with you to carry out a comprehensive gap analysis and draw the right action plans for you to achieve sustainable strategic performance. Our consultation methodology has gained wide acceptance for its effectiveness and simplicity.

This methodology is achievable through six elements: Clarifying strategic direction,Human Capital to get you there, Streamlining the internal operational processes, Customer satisfaction, Financial Fitness, and Business continuity planning

Recruitment, Selection and Background Checks:

ProAct International offers invaluable consultation services in this area of great importance. Our services range from Candidate profiling and shortlisting, to conducting interviews and carrying out background checks in line with BS 7858.

We are able to carry out effective CV audit, verify the candidate’s academic qualifications and memberships in professional bodies, work history, performance record and character. This can be very helpful in hiring decision making as it creates great awareness about prospective candidates and helps employers avoid the risk of hiring the wrong candidate or getting stuck with one.

Finance, Fraud Examination and Forensic Auditing

ProAct International provides exceptional fraud investigations, forensic audits, undercover agents, pre-employment screening and background checks in line with BS 7858, workplace harassment investigations, corporate due diligence, computer forensic investigations, business background investigations, gray market investigations, trademarks, copyright and design and patent infringement investigations, insurance investigations, corporate trainings and capacity building, professional charters and certifications in various professions and responds to all corporate investigation needs.

ProAct International has successfully provided forensic investigative services to a number of local and international organisations in various parts of the world, including:- Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi.