Under the Department of Corruption and Fraud Control, PIL offers specific services to complete the security cycle, starting from corruption and fraud detection, prevention, investigation, prosecution and security policy development. The overall objective of this Department is to empower organizations with appropriate competences and abilities on fraud and corruption detection, prevention, investigation, evidence gathering, prosecution, security development and reporting skills. The department is competently and professionally equipped to undertake specialized activities, including conducting forensic investigations, pre-employment searching, institutionalizing undercover agents, installing security mechanisms and monitoring their effectiveness. The Department also offers training, sensitization and awareness programmes to our clients from both the public and private arena through in-house/ tailored or open arrangements. These programmes cover, but are not limited to the following:

Fraud Risk Assessment Check – Up Security Screening of Staff BS 7858
Fraud and Anti-money Laundering: Tracing Illicit funds Fraud Policy Development Lifecycle
Managing the Internal Corruption and Fraud Risk Fraud Investigative Forensics
Principles of Fraud Examination Armed Hold-Up safety and Physical Security
Institutionalizing security-aware contracts with employees, service providers/ suppliers and or third parties Institutionalizing effective recovery plans
Fraud-aware Credit Assessment, Management and Recovery Risk and Delinquency Management
Risk-Based Auditing Procurement Fraud Examination
Institutionalizing whistleblowers and undercover agents The corruption and fraud detection, prevention , investigation and deterrence apparatus
Conducing the compliance environment Proactive code of ethics and conduct
Disaster management Capacity Development and Training of Security Management Trainers