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This course provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures, terminologies, techniques and tools used in the field of purchasing, logistics and supply management. Current practices are examined, providing learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills to operate successfully in various enterprises. The programmes are aimed at equipping learners with knowledge and skills required to fulfill their roles within the supply chain by solving well-defined problems.

You will learn about the critical nature and meaning of global supply chain management and its application in various organisations and sectors. You will also gain a deep understanding of the design, monitoring and control of procurement, logistics and supply chain systems, while developing skills to facilitate a critical evaluation of the contribution of logistics and supply chains in delivering competitive advantage.

Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

These courses add to your fundamental knowledge of project management by teaching you the details of the major contemporary tools and techniques that are used in planning, monitoring, and controlling projects.

The appropriate technologies are used to give the participant a “best practices” approach to the effective and efficient management of projects. Your learning is reinforced through a number of practical exercises using case studies and real projects.

Project Management is growing exponentially. It’s now used in virtually all industries, such as: government, healthcare, telecom, IT, education and banking. Effective project management is how these organizations streamline to improve productivity. As businesses are restructured, project managers take over many responsibilities. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to many companies.

These courses are a must attend for organizations, projects/ programs and practitioners who yearn to bridge the technical skills gap in project management as well as project monitoring & evaluation. Courses have been engineered by seasoned practitioners and are presented by professionals to transform your project management practices to the world’s best standards.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is one of the most critical functions in an organisation. Today HR professionals have to contend a litany of functions where they act as the support system for the entire employee life-cycle, from talent acquisition to learning and development, appraising and managing performance, compensation & benefits, employee engagement, policy making to talent management. Human Resource professionals today solve problems like attrition, absenteeism, enhancing productivity, improving quality, saving cost, managing complex projects and ensuring smooth functioning of an organisation. Human Resource processes are evolving from task, to skill and now to competency based HR, there is essentially great need for HR Professionals today to keep in pace with what’s changing and that is what our HR courses provide.

Fraud Detection, Investigation, & Prevention courseware

PIMRI is the accredited training provider and local chapter of the Global Academy of Finance and Management, the American Academy of Project Management and the American International Certification Institute (AICI), where we offer various chartered/ certified programs.


Our trainings always benchmark international standards with a guarantee for the best learning experiences through real life simulations and case studies, video referencing, short PowerPoint top-notch presentations, group discussions, personal and group project and interactive exercises, user friendly handouts, online exams and grading, PLUS, flexible and continuous work-based support.

Financial Audit and Froud Prevention

Fraudsters who have the craftiness to slip through the cracks at the recruitment and selection stage may also be adept at helping auditors fail to uncover the occupational frauds they commit.

Your own trusted staff may inflate costs, obtain kickbacks, hide money, manipulate accounts, inflate revenue and conspire with outside unscrupulous fraudsters to cheat the organisation.

Our courses on fraud detection, prevention and investigation are intended to alert participants on the technical and interpersonal aspects of white-collar crime that escape detection by corporate watchdogs.

Attend these trainings and discover how white-collar criminals are adept at committing & concealing fraud; obtain investigative interviewing and verification skills; learn the most common financial statement line items you could use to uncover fraud; and discuss practical aspects of frauds and forgeries.